Traveling to Dallas for a tradeshow or an event?

We’re here to help deliver quality products directly to your event location. Our team will strategically source your items from our premium supplier network to help your products arrive safely at your show or event location. To ensure timely delivery, we will walk you through the order process to obtain important information and monitor your order throughout the production process. Our team of graphic designers is available to assist you with the design of your materials to get the best products possible. We work hard to ensure your promotional products are one thing you can check off your “to-do” list when traveling for events!

Prepare for a show or an event in Dallas

  • Prepare Your Budget
    • Determine your overall budget and then allocate for each product or giveaway.
  • Estimate Attendee Count
    • To order the proper amount of goods, make sure you have an idea of how many attendees are anticipated at the show and the number of handouts you want to provide.
  • Allow Time for Payment Processing
    • Make sure you give yourself at least a week to process payment to avoid any hiccups which could bump back your ability to place an order.
  • Confirm Design Details
    • Providing design information up front saves a lot of time! Important info includes:
      • Usable Artwork Files
      • Pantone Colors
      • Brand Guide (if applicable)
      • Determine Other Verbiage or Content for Materials
  • Arrange Advanced Shipping with Event Management
    • Many event locations partner with exhibitor services who will hold your items at their warehouse in advance, and deliver directly to your booth. Utilizing these services provides you with peace of mind knowing your products will be delivered on time for your event.
  • Confirm Timeline for Product Delivery
    • Once you have your advanced shipping details from exhibit services, read them thoroughly to provide the advanced shipping details to your marketing agency so you can be advised when to submit your orders for timely delivery.
  • Place Orders Two Months in Advance
    • If available, it is recommended to order two months in advance. Suppliers will follow your delivery instructions for on-time shipments and this allows plenty of time for production as well.
  • Provide Advanced Shipping Labels
    • Typically show exhibit services will have labels for your boxes so that all shipments are labeled properly. Be sure to provide these labels for all of your marketing materials.
  • Provide Accurate Show Details for Shipments
    • The event management or exhibit hall will provide you with detailed instructions as to how they want delivery information formatted. This typically includes:
      • Event Name
      • Exhibitor Company Name
      • Contact Name & Phone Number
      • Booth Number
      • Advanced Warehouse Address
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